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Call it a curse or, better yet, just call me blessed. For the last 15 years of my life I have struggled with what seemed to be God’s Greatest Curse. Little did I know, I was not the only one put under it. It’s hard to say how many people suffer from this medical mystery but I that we need to support one another through this journey. My goal is to turn this curse into a BLESSING and unite us all to PUT AN END TO PATM.

What is this curse blessing? For the last 15 years of my life people have been allergic to me. Yes. Sneezing, Coughing, Sniffling. I have thought of myself as a human allergen, felt nothing short of a leper. You might think this can’t be true as I did when I first discovered it, BUT it is VERY true. PATM is what I, and many others, have been calling it. It stands for People Allergic To Me.

Who is suffering and how can I connect with them? There is an online forum full of posts from all around the world of people who have been suffering from PATM. Due to the update to their software – communicating in any organized manner is nearly impossible on the site. In addition, no doctors are giving PATM any attention. For this reason I provide an easy-to-use and user friendly form to foster healthy discussion and community. COMING SOON! 

In addition, be sure to check out my regular posts and updates on how to handle PATM. There is currently no cure for PATM. I do still struggle with this chronic medical issue, but addressing chronic illness (including autoimmunity, leaky gut, candida, and more) and my current lifestyle keeps the “reactions” completely at bay. I’ve NEVER been happier or healthier in my entire life. Life is too short to be held down by PATM. Start helping yourself TODAY!

No longer am I hiding from this and YOU shouldn’t have to either. No longer am I crying myself to sleep at night over this. No longer will this be a curse… I have turned it into a blessing from God. I was led to a WONDERFUL Naturopathic Doctor in Iowa City, Iowa and haven’t had to look back. He has been there for me EVERY step of the way and I want to do the same for everyone that visits this website 🙂

I have been able to put this chapter of my life into a story of struggle and triumph. It will be available for download in the very near future and I encourage you all take the time to read it. It might just inspire you to share your story as well.

Please feel free to contact me at any time, offer advice, and submit your own personal knowledge.



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Hi – Thanks for the advice. Its actually very motivating. Your classroom story sounds a lot like what I deal with everyday at work. I just feel bad going in everyday. I actually sit in a room with 4 to 5 people a day and during certain months of the year there’s up to like 20 or so. It was really easy to tell where the reactions were stemming from. I feel horrible for the people around me but then I think to myself, I don’t really have a choice because I HAVE to work. Since this is the type of work I went to school for, I can’t really just change careers at the drop of a dime either. I graduated about 3 years ago and the reactions started about 9 months out of school, so maybe they were stress induced. Anyways, after reading a lot on the PATM forum and especially your website, I’ve recently been trying to diet, workout, and have a better attitude as well, so I appreciate that. It’s also helping me get closer to God again, as the reactions caused me to shy away from going to church normally a few months ago. However, I’ve been praying a lot more and living a healthier lifestyle (for the last week and a half or so atleast) so I’m hoping for improvement in the next few months. Anyways I’m sure you don’t want to hear anymore of my lifestory, but I did just want to say thanks again and congrats on your healing process!
Oh yeah, I’ve taken your advice on the brown rice protein shake and I think its pretty good!

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  1. Hey windowtowellbeing in another forum u have suggested triphala & neem powder does it work for u or nt n how to take it.

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