Suffering from PATM and having the health struggle that I did forced me into a “diet” that I used to think was a curse just like the reactions from others were. It took several months to have an epiphany…… the “diet” I am on is really just how humans are meant to eat . My doctor told me I needed to eat LEAN and GREEN when I first started out trying to cure myself of all my health ailments and it was a struggle to give up convenient, boxed, and fried food.. the “American” diet, if you will. But I did it! And I was shone a whole new way to nourish my body and still feel full and even make my taste buds happy. You just have to open your mind to fresh new recipes, fresh new ideas and you TOO can feel the benefits of a healthy way of eating.


Currently, I am pescatarian meaning the only meat I eat is seafood. I encourage (but know it is not entirely impossible) to give up all meat but seafood as well. I will post recipes that include seafood, chicken and other healthy meat options.

SHRIMP AND QUIONA RECIPE…. Simple. Quick. Tasty. 


Often people think eating their greens means eating strictly salad and I plan to show you that is just not the case. There are so many options to eat green and still be satisfied.


Fruit– fruit is okay while trying to get over PATM but I encourage giving up ALL sugar for one month. If you cannot give up every type of fruit during that one month you can have GREEN APPLES. I did that and seemed to tolerate it just fine. Once that one month is over fruit becomes your new dessert. I started seeing fruit as “nature’s dessert” and I found myself enjoying it so much more. I eat: apples, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, lemons and limes 🙂 My general rule of thumb is to eat LOW sugar fruit. A list of fruits and their sugar content can be found here My doctor has told me to avoid CITRUS as well aside from lemon and lime 🙂

Walnuts- Walnuts have anti-fungal properties, especially black walnuts. They also have NUMEROUS health benefits and have become a staple in my diet. Any food that needs a bit of a crunch I add walnuts to including my gluten-free cereal. If you look at a walnut it appears to look like the human brain. I call them my “brain food” because they have been linked to increased cognitive function. Other health benefits of walnuts can be found here

Pumpkin Seeds- Pumpkin seeds have anti-parasitic properties. It may be that you do not suffer from parasites but there is a good chance as the bad bacteria is currently outweighing the good in your colon. Pumpkin seeds are a great snack and tasty as well! Be sure to get the lightly salted kind or you will consume entirely too much sodium. For an article on anti-parasitic fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds click here

TEA– Until I met a naturopathic doctor I didn’t think tea was good for anything but to quench thirst. Entirely wrong.  Tea has been my savior in several aspects. If I am ever constipated I drink Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicinals which can be bought at your local health food store. It really does help. Just be cautious about how strong you make the tea because you don’t want it to go into work too well and cause the other problem  of not being able to stop going. You can drink Pau d’ Arco Tea by Traditional Medicinals to help fight the Candida.  Peppermint and Ginger tea help to calm the GI tract. Try to find caffeine-free tea and enjoy any of the teas from Traditional Medicinals here 

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