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  1. Comment I Received From Site VIsitor:

    Hi, some people are more allergic to me than others — itchy nose, eyes coughs etc. My bigger PATM events happen (I discovered only a couple of years back and I believe could be a strong link for some of us) are when I consume anything with SULFITE preservatives in them or drink wine, beer, apple cider etc which are laden with the sulfites that they say are formed in brewed products. Sulfite preservatives are in tons of food — processed meats like sausages, shop bought gravies, potato chips, some breads, some cookies, vinegar, bottled lemon juice, etc etc etc and come under different names so you will need to google all about sulfites.

    At the worst times, I exhaled possibly hydrogen sulfite H2S (rotten egg gas) after, say, drinking beer, so now of cause I try to avoid sulfite additives all together and feel that my health has improved — not so many racing heart episodes, brain fog etc. and embarrassing events. Hydrogen sulfite irritates noses, throats and eyes and knocks out after a time others smell detection of it.

    Molybdenum supplement is good because it’s a cofactor with the enzyme sulfate oxidase, which this has the function to convert sulfite into the more harmless sulfate. B12 is handy as is zinc (used in the correct dosage) vitamin C and magnesium. I maybe lacking iron too which I think plays a part in all of this.

    Important to, as mentioned in other posts, is to breath properly and try to avoid stress and the assumption that everyone’s ‘different’ sort of body language or comment is directed at you.

    For another complaint once I was given a strong anti-biotic which seemed to clear me out so that I pooed only twice a day instead of multiple times with small amounts — possibly had an overload of bad bacteria or something in my gut. I have found taking the spice TURMERIC mixed in water really helps with the same thing — supposedly puts back the good gut bacteria.

    Also, maybe unrelated to PATM, I found good dental hygiene helps — fill cavities and floss and clean between your teeth with dental pics —


  2. Comment I Received from Site Visitor:

    Good work. I am suffering from PATM since 2005 and i have seen people mentioning Candida the main reason since 2006. But no one really cured.

    I have very strong PATM reactions. Its magnitude of 9 on earthquack scale…..
    In my case i cam make out whether PATM reaction will start or not in my surrounding, as first i get effected before affecting other people around me. The moment i feel my nose is slightly choking or itching on nose, PATM reactions starts around me in 1 minute time.

    During my PATM reactions, i see lot of cloth lint around me moving in random direction. Also some cloth lint is deposited in my naval / belly button daily as i have some hair on my stomach.

    So i strongly feel that these tiny cloth lints may be reason behind my PATM. Generally due to static, these cloth lints detach from cloth and spreads in the surrounding. These cloth lint also carries bacteria or dead sking from our clothes. I dont ruled out Candida theory also. Just google cloth lint for more details.

    If we only check Candida possibility, and if it is not the reason then we may not find any solution.

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