Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome… The gut is leaky.

I will give you the short & dirty. Basically, an invader from the outside world (drugs, bacteria, candida and/or parasites) makes its way into our colons and they hibernate as if they’ve found a good place to stay for the winter. This then leads to damage to the membranes and mucosal lining of the colon and stresses the liver due to a build up of toxins that have escaped the gut.

But do not worry! There is an answer to this problem 🙂 …


Please refer to this PDF from Life Source on ALL THINGS Leaky Gut Syndrome including the steps in the detoxification process.

For those suffering from PATM: Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome will likely be one of the last stages on your road to recovery but following the few short steps outlined by Life Source will do nothing but good for you if you start TODAY!

Important Detoxifying Agents

Apple Cider Vinegar. Helps the body to become more alkaline. To help your leaky gut to heal, start with a teaspoon of ACV 15-30 minutes before meals, and work up to three teaspoons.

Glutamine Powder. An amino acid that aids in cellular repair and essential to help curing Leaky Gut. Can be purchased in health stores. Use caution with taking L-glutamine if you have ever been allergic to MSG. If that is the case, or if you are diabetic it is important to discuss with your health professional whether it is right for you. It may mean that you have to take it slowly at first


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  1. Is brown rice good for leaky gut? As i like it as opposed to white rise. Please let me know if brown rice is hypoallergenic.

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